More expensive iPhones mean what? AppleCare + also more expensive, of course

Perhaps it went unnoticed, given the somewhat frightening (although expected, like most of today’s keynote) price of the iPhone X, the fact that even the most “modest” new iPhones are, in general, more expensive than before. . Of course, we need to remember that the 32GB model was filed and, in terms of purely storage capacity, the iPhones 8/8 Plus offer a better cost / benefit ratio than their predecessors.

Still, in the cold reality of words, the fact is that the smallest amount you will shell out to buy a latest model iPhone unlocked in the U.S. is now $ 700 (plus tax), compared to the previous $ 650.

Of course, following the rise in prices, another very important element for a number of users would also become more expensive. And the suspicions were confirmed: the extended warranty plans of the AppleCare + had slight jumps in their values ​​- even in the plans for existing iPhones, like the 6s Plus and the 7 Plus.


As you can see on the official plans sale page, AppleCare + for iPhone 8 Plus / 7 Plus / 6s Plus costs $ 150 – previously, Apple asked for $ 130 for the extended warranty on its larger smartphones. This value, at least, remains for the smaller models: the extended warranty of the iPhone 8/7 / 6s continues to go out for the same $ 130 usual.

The biggest shot, as you might expect, is the AppleCare + for iPhone X: Apple charges $ 200 to extend the warranty of the device. Really, fixing that glorious end-to-end screen shouldn’t be the cheapest thing in the world (incidentally, I’m looking forward to seeing iFixit dismantle the device), but, surprisingly, the repair fees for the smartphone haven’t changed in compared to the values ​​of previous iPhones: US $ 30 to replace a damaged panel and US $ 100 for any other repairs.

AppleCare +, for the unfamiliar, adds two years of extended warranty to Apple devices, charging reduced fees for repairs to user damage such as cracked screens or liquid infiltration. As we have always noticed, although the plans are not yet officially on sale in Brazil, Apple already officially serves the iPhones covered by AppleCare + here. Just keep in mind that you can only purchase plans with the purchase of the device or, at most, 60 days later.

via MacRumors