More designers create interesting concepts for “iWatch”, Apple’s supposed smart watch

More designers create interesting concepts for “iWatch”, Apple’s supposed smart watch

We have already published some concepts of “IWatch” glimpsed by several designers like Antonio De Rosa [1, 2], Anders Kjellberg and Pavel Simeonov. Today we bring two new concepts; the first, designed by the famous designer Martin Hajek – this work was exposed in the magazine MacUser.

I may be being overdone, but this is an extremely tasteful concept – well “Apple-like”! With leather strap and clasp, apparently running an operating system very similar to the traditional iOS… in short, it was beautiful! At least in my humble opinion. ?

The lines of the concept proposed by Kajek bring a design so simple that it is possible to imagine Apple taking advantage of mockup. But simple design does not mean that the concept fell into place, on the contrary! He sought to follow the trend of the latest Apple releases to produce and let our imagination travel, making everyone crazy / thirsty for Apple to turn this much-acclaimed rumor into reality in the not-too-distant future.

The second is creation of Edgar Rios.

He imagines an “iWatch” with curved glass, being a kind of evolution of the sixth generation iPod nano – and following the line of the Pebble smart watch.




The iOS adaptation was superb and shows that it is perfectly possible for an “iWatch” to replace our iPhones at different times of the day.

As I recall, I had never seen a rumor repeated over and over in the media. Almost every week there is some new news or concept related to the supposed “iWatch” that Apple may be secretly developing in its labs – if it is not already being tested there in Cupertino and the surrounding area. ?

As I said here, I confess that I was disappointed that Apple has discontinued the sixth generation iPod nano; I expected a seventh generation even more focused on the watch function. Unfortunately, not everything in life is how we want it, but the company’s movement may have given us some clues as to what will come next.

And again: time will tell! ?

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