More collaboration: Burberry opens a channel in the Apple Music

More collaboration: Burberry opens a channel in the Apple Music

In September 2013, when Apple released the iPhone 5s, it partnered with Burberry in which the device was used to capture / share images and videos of the British brand fashion show in London fashion week. Shortly thereafter, in October, Angela Ahrendts (until then CEO of Burberry) was confirmed as Apple's new senior vice president of retail showing that the partnership was no coincidence.

Now, two years later, Apple and Burberry are together again in a new action, as reported by New York Times It is true that it is much smaller than the first, but it is still a partnership.

Canal da Burberry on Apple Music

Burberry created a channel within Apple Music (new music service streaming of music from Ma) in which she celebrates established or emerging British musicians with unique performances and who, in some way, collaborated with the brand (either playing in fashion shows or participating in the project / campaign “Burberry Acoustic”).

I am excited about our partnership with Apple on this incredible platform that will allow us to take what we do now with Burberry Acoustic and share it with an even larger audience.

Christopher Bailey, CEO and creative director at Burberry.

The thing will start for real on 9/21, when exclusive videos of emerging British artists (who will participate in the Burberry Womenswear Show in London) will be available on the channel for now we have only three playlists and some content shared on the social network Connect.

(via AppleInsider)