uice pack air for iPhone X, by mophie

mophie will launch battery cover for iPhone X compatible with Qi standard

Very soon, we will see another launch from one of the most famous accessory manufacturers on the market, the mophie, which would be preparing its first accessory focused exclusively on iPhone X.

The Japanese website MAC お 宝 鑑定 団 の Blog noticed that the Wireless Power Consortium granted the company a certification to launch an accessory called juice pack air for iPhone X. The WPC is the group responsible for certifications of the Qi standard for wireless charging, the one present in the iPhones 8, 8 Plus and X. Although the page has already been taken down, some details ended up leaking, as well as the photo of how the back of the cover will be.

uice pack air for iPhone X, by mophie

The juice pack air for iPhone X will be a case ready to work with the flagship company, with an internal battery of 1,720mAh which, according to its description, will offer the device more “9 hours of talk time”. It is worth noting that the numbers are lower than the 2,525mAh offered in the same type of case for the iPhone 7 and the 2,420mAh for the same accessory suitable for the iPhone 7 Plus.

This battery cover will have the standard Qi and it will be the first to be certified by the WPC, offering even more security to users – since the intention is to verify that the products comply with the latest specifications of the wireless connectivity standard and work well with the newer iPhones.

The juice pack line usually offers other colors in addition to the black posted on the WPC page, so other options should appear when the cover is actually launched. In addition, it will be compatible with the entire ecosystem Charge Force company, working very well with other accessories such as the charge force desk mount or any other pad enabled for Qi.

As the accessories in the line usually cost around US $ 100, this is the price bet, although there is no concrete evidence of this. It should hit the market soon.

via MacRumors