Moon ++ shows Moon phases as a complication for your Apple Watch

Moon ++ shows Moon phases as a complication for your Apple Watch

Apps to track moon phases iPhone is not lacking, but what if you want an even easier way to know the information about our flawless natural satellite? Well, if you have an Apple Watch, we have one great tip: Moon ++.

Developed by David Smith, the exclusive watchOS app has a very simple purpose: to offer a faithful portrait of the moon based on where you are, you can look at your wrist instead of looking at the sky, as both sites will display very similar moons (but only one being true, remember 😛).

Geneva Moon app icon

When you open the app, you will see a visual representation of the moon according to your location; In Apple Watch Series 5, the app takes advantage of the compass on the watch to also display the geospatial positioning of the user. You can also manually change your location to check how the moon is in other parts of the world; turning the Digital CrownYou can also see the moon changes according to the day / time.

You can also add a complication to any dial of your watch; It will display the current phase of the moon in a realistic or simplified look, depending on your preference.

Moon ++ is available on the App Store by R $ 3,90. Astronomers and aspiring planters are worth checking out!

via 9to5Mac