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Moon + Reader Pro (50% Off)

E-books are becoming increasingly popular among smartphone users, both for the convenience of reading on a tablet, for example, and for the low cost of an e-book compared to traditional ones. Moon + Reader Pro (50% Off) is an e-book reading platform tailored to both smartphones and tablets and includes various customization options for the most enjoyable read. If you were looking for such an app, then take the time to read our review today.

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy Nexus

Android version: 4.2.2

Root: No

Mods: No

When you start Moon + Reader Pro (50% Off), you will be taken to the main application menu. In it, all recently accessed books and the main sections of the app will be viewed:

Local archives: From this section, you can open all files stored on your device or contained in Dropbox. Supported formats include the following extensions: epub, pdf, mobi, chm, cbr, cbz, umd, fb2, txt, html, rar, zip, and OPDS.

Net Library: This option allows you to view a catalog of books available on the Internet of books that deserve the user's attention. It is also here that one can search for a specific title and download it directly. Catalogs can also be added to library.

My bookshelf: All books are displayed here in the form of a list or by rank, download order or by author. The list can also be displayed as a grid or as a preview of the covers. In all options, there will be an overview of all ebooks available.

Statistics: This section collects statistics on book reading time or the number of pages contained in the volumes. Such data can be viewed either for one or several books.

Let's now look at the reading screen of the application. Opening an ebook for the first time will obviously have on your screen the first page of the text. The default settings bring black text with white background and at the bottom of the screen some icons are displayed. They tell you the time, the battery level, the title and page of the ebook, and the reading percentage reached at that time.

The general settings of Moon + Reader Pro (50% Off) can be accessed with one click in the center of the screen. Unfortunately, there is no physical button that gives access to this function, which would make everything more convenient for the user and is generally common in all apps of this type.

This menu consists of a top section where you can examine details about the selected ebook and view it on the main screen or add it to your favorites. In addition, it is possible to search within the eBook through the search function. Here are the icons that make up the settings menu:

  • Rotation: Here you can rotate the screen manually or read the ebook horizontally.
  • Theme: Function to quickly change a theme, which changes the background. You can choose from 22 different designs.
  • Text-to-speech: This feature enables the reading of a text out loud. The result cannot, however, be compared to what is in audiobooks.
  • Auto Scroll: Determines the auto scroll speed of a text, both up and down.
  • Bookmarks: serve to mark the page of the text where reading was interrupted or even other passages that are considered important / interesting.
  • Chapter: With this function it is possible to pass directly from one chapter to another.

Settings / Options: Other display and text control options:

  • Layout Settings: Here you can change the character, color, text dimensions, and animations to move from page to page.
  • Controls: Here you can configure screen orientation, touchscreen controls, and physical button determination.
  • Other: display brightness, styles and formats and other options such as password, multitouch functions and Dropbox sync.


Moon + Reader Pro (50% Off) offers a surprising array of functions for such an app. If you want to try it out, we suggest you download the free version and, being satisfied, take a little time to have complementary functions and a better reading and even managing experience of your full version ebooks. For those who have found that reading on a nice device and want something quality, this is the app to buy.

Screen & Controls

Moon + Reader Pro (50% Off) may seem hard to handle for newbies, but with a little practice and the help of support screens inside the app, everything is easier. Even the design is very clear and everything gets simpler as you use the app.

Speed ​​& Stability

Moon + Reader Pro (50% Off) leaves you wanting when it comes to speed and stability. We had to wait longer when PDFs were more complex and larger files. Nevertheless, we did not notice any abnormal behavior during our tests.

Price / Performance Ratio

Moon + Reader Pro (50% Off) can be purchased for 3.70 or $ 9.62 from our App Center. The app has a re-launch promotion and is costing 1.90 or $ 4.94. Better yet, this is our App of the Week (25.02.2013 02.03.2013) and it's only costing 0.99 or $ 2.57. For those who love reading books on a mobile device, this app is what it is.

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