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Monument Valley will have a third version soon

THE Monument valley one of the most fascinating games on the App Store. It was originally launched 5 years ago, bringing a new way of playing with the user's spatial perspective, allowing him to change the scenery and create new avenues that take advantage of the illusion of ethics.

This geometric maze game won a second part in 20117, to the delight of fans. And now, the team of developers at EstadioUstwo have announced that they have begun work to create a third part of the saga.

The concept of the game based on the art of geometry and inspired by Japanese engravings.

of those games worth paying for it and, after times without playing, start all over again: the same pleasure.

One of the good points he did not surrender to the model freemium, which makes it complete and without the need for constant internet connection. And even with this format, he was able to earn more than $ 10 million in his first year.

They have not announced a release date, but usually it is usually at the end of the year, around the Christmas holidays.