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Monitor your physical activity in more detail with Activity ++

If you already use the native Apple Watch Activity app, you'll love this new feature!

According to David Smith, creator of Sleep ++ and Pedometer ++, the native Apple Watch activity log app brought great ideas, such as movement data, exercise time and standing hours. However, there were still many issues in which the application sinned. Starting with iOS 9.3, developers were given access to this data, so Smith developed the Activity ++.

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The design of Activity ++ closely resembles that created by Apple; in terms of functions, Smith's app is far ahead.

On the Apple Watch, the only data that appears on the display is the bars that represent movement (“CALS”), exercise (“MINS”) and standing hours (“HRS”). The limitation of data in Watch is purposeful, so that the person concentrates on action instead of analyzing data on the tiny screen.

The statistics themselves are all in the very complete iPhone app. In it, you can see the trade of activity circles together and, beside, separated. To navigate through the days, just slide your fingers up and down; this way, you can easily check your progress. When you touch a specific day, a more detailed graph appears.

Activity ++ on Apple Watch

The goals can be configured normally and, when completing them, the app throws confetti to give you an extra incentive, to show that “you made it, uhul! ” (LOL). Another great feature is the possibility of having a count of consecutive days ("Streak") that managed to complete the goals. It is even possible to skip a day without breaking the consecutive count, which means that you can rest easy if you do not complete the goal due to greater strength.

For the most homesick, the app also has the option of making the interface monochromatic, just as it was when the Watch native app was launched, perhaps in this way, it will provide more focus on activities.

Despite not having some features like the option of using 3D Touch or switching to landscape mode, Activity ++ makes it worth the $ 3 with features that really make a difference for those who need an extra “push” to perform physical activities .

(via MacStories)