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Monitor various information from your Mac with the StatsBar app

StatsBarWhen writing the post in which I gave a tip on how to monitor computer information directly through the icon of the native Activity Monitor application, I said that before the arrival of OS X Mountain Lion I used a lot of iStat Pro, a very powerful widget that monitored CPU , memory, disks (internal and external), networks, machine temperatures, fans, battery, among other things.

The problem that it was discontinued and no longer supported by Bjango. The developer still invests in iStat Menus, an app that monitors the same things and presents the information in the OS X menu bar. It is great and worth every penny, but some may find its price ($ 16) a little bit salty.

what comes in StatsBar. Developed by FIPLAB, this utility costs only $ 4. It is not as complete and powerful as the iStat Menus, but it does what it promises.

As we can see in the image, it presents the information of the following items: CPU, memory, disk, network and power (battery available only on MacBooks, of course). Activated by both an icon in the Dock and in the menu bar, you choose this option in the app's preferences, it also offers the possibility to “clear” the machine's memory if the free RAM is at a very low level. If the user wants, he can also adjust this cleaning automatically if the level drops to an established number.

In addition, it is possible to show the free RAM (both in GB and in percentage) next to the app icon, in the menu bar. It also has Retina graphics and allows users to choose the opacity of the window, as well as the information update interval (from 1 to 30 seconds).

For those who like to have access to this information quickly and do not insist on a very detailed report, StatsBar can be a great request!

StatsBar app icon: System Monitoring