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Monitor all information on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch with this application

There are users I include myself in this who are passionate about monitoring system information. On OS X, for example, I used StatsBar, but now CleanMyMac 3 made me leave it alone. On Apple's mobile system, however, I didn't use any apps for that purpose.

But today I met System Monitor and I have the impression that that will change.

System Activity Monitors app icon

As its name implies, the app monitors your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch, showing the following information:

  • Memory usage: There are two graphs for this, a simpler one that shows only used / free memory and a more complete one that shows active, inactive, free, etc. you switch between them by tapping the screen twice.
  • Drums: the interesting thing about this feature is knowing exactly how long it takes for the battery to be fully charged; by touching the settings icon (upper left corner), we also have access to legal information (battery health).
  • Processes in progress: both the ID and name of the ongoing process (such as 54; SpringBoard) are listed. Not like OS X, that you have control over all of this and may even end a process like this, but it's cool for those who like to know everything that is happening on the device.
  • Storage: here we see exactly the space we have free / occupied on the device.
  • Device information: this tab for the most curious, since it lists practically all of the device, separated by System (System), Display (Screen), Connections (Connections), Battery (Drums), Physical (Physical) and Hardware Features (Hardware Features).

It is definitely not an app for anyone, not least because it “does nothing” other than showing technical information, something that the average user may not care much about. But if you, like me, like to take a look at these items from time to time, System Monitor is a good option available on the App Store.