Monica's Newsstand brings gang comics from 1950 to the present

If you, like me, had the reading habit started or catalyzed by the comic books of the Mnica's Class, this news certainly reaches the magician of his nostalgic spirit: Maurcio de Sousa Produes recently launched, in partnership with the publisher Panini, the app Mnica Newsstand It is basically a Netflix with all the content of the studio since its genesis in 1950.

Monica's Newsstand app iconScreenshot of Monica's NewsstandScreenshot of Monica's Newsstand

A similar solution, called the Comics Box, had been presented by publishers a few years ago, but Banca da Mnica is a much more modern and complete platform, with all the MSP editorial collections including the traditional series, the Mnica Jovem Gang. and the Graphic Novels specials (sold separately) and monthly updates with new releases.

Only four signature models:

  • Mnica's Class (R $ 25 / ms): brings recent editions of Mnica, Chives, Magali, Casco and Chico Bento magazines;
  • Young Girl Class (R $ 17 / ms): brings all editions of the Mnica Jovem Class and Chico Bento Moo;
  • Mnica's Collection Class (R $ 3,50 / ms): brings the entire collection of Mnica, Cebolinha, Magali, Casco and Chico Bento magazines published between 1950 and 2016;
  • Mnica International Class (R $ 17 / ms): brings recent English editions (Monica and Friends) and Spanish (Mnica y Sus Friends) from magazines.

Subscriptions are made through the app itself, via iTunes or Google Play, and Newsstand still offers 30 days of free trials for one of the packages of your choice. As I said, it is still possible to make the single purchase, at the cover price, of the Graphic Novels from MSP as the award-winning “Laos”, which is gaining a film adaptation.

Mnica Newsstand can be downloaded for free from the App Store or Google Play. It is worth checking!

via B9