New lens for Moment Tele 58mm iPhones

Moment’s new 58mm lens brings up to 4x optical zoom for iPhones

One of the most famous manufacturers of lenses (and other accessories) for iPhones and mobile devices in general, Moment today revealed its newest creation: the Tele 58mm, described as the highest definition lens for smartphones – and that has some really cool cards up its sleeve.

New lens for Moment Tele 58mm iPhones

The accessory is compatible with any iPhone, Pixel or Galaxy dressed in any of Moment’s recent cases (including those with external batteries); owners of the older cases of the manufacturer, however, are left out because the fitting system is different. In dual camera models, the lens can be equipped with any of the two sensors, with distinct benefits – in the main camera, wide-angle, we gain a 2x optical zoom; on the telephoto camera, the result is a 4x and 120mm optical zoom.

The new lens is also fully compatible with the special photography modes of recent models, such as Portrait Mode and Portrait Lighting Mode for the newer iPhones. According to Moment, the accessory has a six-element design that offers the least distortion and the highest definition ever seen in a special smartphone lens.

The 58mm Tele lens costs $ 100 in its list price, but it’s coming out by $ 80 for a limited time on the Moment website. It comes with a special lid and a microfiber bag. Nice, isn’t it?

via The Verge