MomentCam - create your own caricature!

MomentCam – create your own caricature!

MomentCam has made a reasonable buzz on social media recently by introducing the possibility of self-caricatures. Countless users replace their profile photos with their cartoon versions. Here you follow our review of this inventive app.


  • ✓Easy to use
  • ✓Well done graphics
  • ✓Wide range of options
  • ✓Possibility of sharing on social networks


  • ✕Result not always satisfactory
  • ✕Recommended for more powerful and large screen devices
Tested with Android version Root Modifications Back tested Current verse
LG G2 4.2.2 At the 2.4.0 Varies by device

MomentCam Cartoons and Emoticons
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Functions & Usage

MomentCam extremely simple to use. Just install and have a camera on your device, and you're done: you can create animated cartoons and emoticons of your own. Having the photo, the app assimilates your face and offers some editing options for the designed version of your face for both men and women. For example, you can make a body shop on your cartoon face: move your chin, add eyebrows, and so on. For me, the easiest part was really the hair: it was enough to run for the only little option that appeared.

From there, just run into the hug and put your face on the various options that the app offers. Whether it's famous places, holidays, taking a Minion out of an ice blaze or whatever: your MomentCam avatar will get you into a lot of unusual situations. In addition, you can draw on the caricature using your finger, as well as share the result on various social networks, with Facebook, Twitter and Instagram as the main ones. In addition, it is also possible to modify the background on which the design appears. There are several alternatives, such as a common notebook, or the black background. Remember that it is best to use the app on a large screen device so that you have a good view of the final result.

momentcam 2
Until I looked good, didn't I? / AndroidPIT / Hightalk Software Corp.

Screen & Controls

The app's first screen allows you to choose between cartoon options and emoticons. Then you'll need to take a self portrait or add an existing gallery photo with your face. Having done this, the user makes various adjustments to the cartoon's face, including adding beard, mustache, glasses, eye patch, etc. By clicking on designs, the different options / situations are revealed. If you find that your face did not look very good for a particular design, you can modify it again.

The same goes for the animated emoticons option. Once the adjustments are made, it's pretty funny to check out their different animated versions by doing various bizarre things, such as disappearing into a smoke screen like a ninja or out of a gift wrap.

momentcam 3
Versions "Bearded Parachutist" and "golfer" – note stylish hair / AndroidPIT / Hightalk Software Corp.

Speed ​​& Stability

The app worked flawlessly on the LG G2, but keep in mind that it is a high end device. It may be that he gets a little choked on a device that's not so good. But in general, the software is very light and does not cause any inconvenience, for the general happiness.

momentcam 4
Another hairy version (breaking everything on drums) and the bizarre emoticons / AndroidPIT / Hightalk Software Corp.

Price / Performance Ratio

The best possible, since the free application. For the diversity it offers, it is well worth it. There is the option of becoming a VIP user (read pay) and receiving more designs and situations, periodically, to put your face on, at a price of as much as $ 60 a year.

Final Verdict

The idea behind MomentCam is very cool. I'm sure many cartoonists have wrinkled their noses for this app, claiming that they are not real caricatures. In fact, it is not the artistic value of the caricatures in question, but the fun that the application provides by allowing the user to assemble his own version drawn in fun and unusual situations. And so it is worth and the bytes consumed from your memory.

MomentCam has had a lot of repercussions on Facebook and other platforms because of the relentless willingness of people to present different / funny / odd versions of their profile photos and avatars. The problem is that there was quickly a saturation of the proposal, since many people published their caricature, which eventually generated some wear.

MomentCam Cartoons and Emoticons
Install on Google Play

Application Testing

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