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Moment launches 14mm fisheye lens for iPhones 11 and 11 Pro

One of the coolest news from iPhones 11 and 11 Pro (Max) The ultra angle camera, which allows you to capture a much wider space of scenery and give photographers a much wider range of possibilities. But there is one detail to consider: The β€œspecial” lens has some disadvantages compared to the wide-angle and telephoto lens (only present on Pro models), such as lack of autofocus, optical stabilization and Night Mode.

For those who need wide-angle images using the best camera available on iPhone, the Moment has the solution: the new 14mm fisheye lens, which connects the wide-angle camera of the new iPhones (ie the best and most capable of them) and allows you to take pictures with a wide field of view. 17030% wider than the built-in ultra-wide angle lens.

Moment's new lens has a four-element biphasic design, and produces extremely wide viewing angle images, without dark corners or vignetting. Photos taken with that distinctive degree of distortion attached, but the Moment – Pro Camera app has been updated with a feature that, if desired, can compensate for this visual deformation and make the image "straighter".

The lens, strictly speaking, is compatible with any smartphone dressed in one of Moment's M series cases, not just the new iPhones. It is available on the manufacturer's website at $ 120 (or $ 90, in promotional price until tomorrow) and already comes with a carry case + a lens cap.

via MacRumors