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Moment app gains long exposure mode; Infuse, Calendar, iFood, and Tripsy are updated

And we are again with the most important recent updates from the App store! Let's take a look at them?


Moment - Pro Camera app icon

The professional photo app for iPhones has gained some amazing newness: a long exposure mode (slow shutter) built-in, so you can capture those blurry-moving artistic images (such as the red lanterns on a road or a continually falling waterfall) simply by holding the device for a few seconds.

The handy feature, too, is to “erase” people from certain frames when you want to photograph a street with little movement, for example, just use the mode for Moment to capture the scenery, leaving out the people around it. It is good to note that long exposure mode works best with the use of a tripod although it is not strictly necessary.

The app brings long exposure mode right from the home screen, and you can pre-choose the duration of the capture or simply leave the shutter open for as long as you like. In addition to saving the “final” image, Moment also saves the file as a Live photo, to preserve the details of the moment.

Cool, isn't it?


Infuse 6 app icon

Meanwhile, the video and multimedia formats player for iOS has gained two new features. The first one is support Plex Collections, which bring, for those who have Infuse connected to a Plex library, a series of videos (movies or series episodes, for example) related to the content being watched.

In addition, version 6.1 simplifies the lives of series viewers: now, by tapping the option to download a production, you can choose to download the entire season or, even simpler, just the episodes you haven't watched yet, which reduces the Download time and save space on your device.

The Infuse update brings other enhancements, such as frame rate detection for optimized performance, improved HomePod support, and improved synchronization with iCloud.


Calendar app icon.

Calendar app icon.

What's new also in Agenda, an app that brings a new perspective to the universal habit of taking notes with it, you have a “note timeline” that makes your tasks, projects and ideas much more organized and intuitive to navigate.

In version 6.0, the app is finally integrated with Reminders (Reminders) from Apple this way, you can add reminders generated in the native iPhone / iPad / Mac app to Calendar notes, directly controlling them through the timeline interface. When you add a reminder to a note, Calendar automatically includes a link to take you back to the original app for that content.

In addition, the update brings some other improvements, such as new text commands, an easier way to add attachments and reminders to a note, a renewal of the keyboard utility bar, faster Dropbox synchronization, the ability to link multiple notes to the same calendar event and more.


IFood - Food Delivery app icon

Version 9.8 of the flawless delivery application for the first time brings a feature that has nothing to do with deliveries: With the “To Withdraw” option, you can place an order with iFood and pick it up at the restaurant. The option, for now, is only available in select cities, but should expand rapidly.


Tripsy app icon

Finally, the Brazilian travel planning app has good news in version 1.4. Among them, we have our own app for Apple watch, which allows you to track the details of your trip by the wrist, trace routes to your next destination and include quick planning information directly on the watch face.

We now also have integration with the Siri Shortcuts The assistant can show you your to-do list, the hotel where you are staying or staying, details of your next activity or your next flight. The commands have preprogrammed phrases, but you can set up custom phrases for your usage if you like.

Tripsy 1.4 finally brings a new widget for your device's “Today” section, as well as improved link and address support.