Moment anuncia produção de lentes anamórficas de cinema para drones da DJI

Moment Announces Production of DJI Anamorphic Movie Lenses for Drones

THE lens manufacturer Moment is expanding its portfolio with the production of anamorphic lenses Moment Air for DJI drones. Until now, the company was known for making smartphone add-on lenses, but that will soon change with the arrival of its accessories for the smartphone. Mavic 2 Pro it's the Mavic 2 Zoom.


Process was done independently of the approval of the trade paste, the most difficult to obtain

According to the website The verge, the new lenses can be used to capture a larger field of view with the addition of cinematographic lens flare effect. To fund the manufacturing of their new product, however, the Moment team launched a campaign on the crowdfunding website. Kickstarter. Those who contribute $ 199 ($ ​​757 in direct conversion) will be able to bring the lens at a discount of $ 101 ($ 384 from the final price they will be charged for the product when it hits the market ($ 299.99 or R $ 1141).

"In the last five years, we have made our smartphones with better cameras through the use of lenses, hoods and camera wings. We want to do the same for our drones. In our exploration of how to make drones better, we realized that recording anamorphic video it was expensive, the filters were not sharp enough and the smartphone cases did not fit the control, and neither wears drone backpacks and the helipads were not mobile enough. "Moment Official Announcement

In the past, Moment established itself in the market with the launch of clip-on smartphone lenses, which offered different field of view and focal length options for photographers especially those without advanced cell phones. Even as interest in traditional Instagram posts has declined, the company has found a niche in vogue makers and filmmakers. The latter audience is increasingly dependent on drones, which gave the idea for Moment's next product.

"We just looked at what people were using. They all had a smartphone, a big camera and a drone."Moment Official Announcement

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