Mom rescues daughter from accident with help from Search My Friends

Mom rescues daughter from accident with help from Search My Friends

Who uses the Family Sharing on iOS is most likely adapted to the feature Search My Friends, which lets you share your location and track others in real time. While many users are afraid to use it because they feel “tracked down”, this tool can help save lives or better, it has helped.

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It was exactly this iOS feature that helped Catrina Alexander find her 17-year-old daughter Macy Smith who didn't come home at her usual time. In this case, for a serious reason: a traffic accident that left her trapped in hardware, as detailed by the local news channel WXII.

In an interview, she told me that she was worried when her daughter did not arrive home on time, and especially because she did not respond to messages or calls. At one point, she realized that Macy's location in the Search My Friends app didn't change for hours, prompting her to look for her daughter on her own.

As she approached the location, Catrina says she saw the tire marks off the road and she then called first responders, who found Macy's car overturned on a seven-foot-high embankment in Pilot Mountain, North Carolina.

I can't explain the feeling of seeing my cell phone's GPS approaching her location and suddenly looking at the tire tracks on the road.

Despite the severity of the accident, the girl had only minor injuries.

Both mother and daughter are grateful for what technology has provided for them at that time. Catrina even admitted that she expects parents and children to “realize the benefits that apps like Fetch My Friends can offer,” encouraging the use of the feature.

As we said, Family Sharing users can track the location of all family members (if everyone has enabled location sharing). Additionally, you can share your location with others individually by inviting them to join Search My Friends.

At the iOS 13, Apple unify Search My Friends with Search My iPhone features in a single app called Search (Find My) which you can even find offline devices.

via Cult of Mac