Modern Combat 5 (iOS / Android)

Game Review: Modern Combat 5 (iOS/Android)

Check out our review of the Modern Combat 5: Blackout game. An FPS game for mobile devices: iOs, Android and Windows Phone.

Welcome to the new generation of mobile games. If you are from the snake game era, get ready to be amazed by the incredible graphics of Modern Combat 5: Blackout. MC5, is a first-person shooter developed and published in 2014 by the unbeatable Gameloft. The game is available for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and even the BlackBerry 10. You can have fun in solo campaigns or in multiplayer battles.

Interface / Graphics

The graphic evolution of mobile games is impressive. Modern Combat is certainly a reference in this regard.

Check below some screenshots:


For the sophistication of the game it is incredible how easy it is to be played. Crouching, jumping, kicking, reloading, switching weapons and even killing with the famous knife is easy. Modern Combat requires no special motor skills and can be played by anyone.


The game is divided into Chapters and these chapters are made up of operations which in turn are made up of some short missions. The fact that the missions are small greatly facilitates gameplay.

To continue the game, you must have completed the previous chapter. To play Chapter 3, for example, you must have completed all Chapter 2 missions.

But for each game played, an amount of energy is consumed. And when does the energy end? You have to wait to reload, which is a very negative point in the game.

When you change the level, your energy bar is automatically recharged.

In Modern Combat 5, soldiers are divided into 5 classes:
  • Assault: enhances the damage and carries more communication. He uses assault rifles and pistols. They are efficient for medium range combat. You will play a lot with them at the beginning of the game.
  • Heavy: uses machine guns and rocket launchers. They are efficient in close-range combat. Unlocked at level 25.
  • Recon: focused on quick actions and finding enemies. Uses submachine guns and pistols. They are efficient in medium and short distance combat. Your first mission is with this class of soldier.
  • Sniper: masters of the direct hit or sneak approaches. Uses snipers and pistols. Efficient in medium and long range combat. It is unlocked at level 10.
  • Support: specialized in healing companions and helping them to reintegrate in the place where they died. Armed with machine guns and pistols. They are efficient in medium and long distance combat. They are unlocked at level 50.

For each soldier you have 8 skills to improve.


As usually happens with single games that have multiplayer campaigns I found maps where the two teams were not complete. And for a change there is no division of battles by level. Then you beginner will face other heavily equipped players at level 50. Good luck in the battle.


Caydan Phoenix is our main character and company agent Gilman Security, one of the largest private security companies in the world.

The game starts with Phoenix informing his superior, Sophie “Roux” Daviau, which three weeks ago the World Liberation Army launched a cyber attack on several Asian networks.

And that’s when Roux says that all the world’s leaders are meeting to discuss cybersecurity and asks what all this has to do with the attack on Venice the previous month (which is the prologue mission).

Phoenix, reports that the attack was just a cover. And that he was forced to sign the mission report because his daughter’s life had been threatened. After the Phoenix mission finds Roux at Gilman HQ in Tokyo and says the company they work for is a front for the World Liberation Army. And that they have been working for terrorists all this time. At that point the HQ is attacked and the action begins.

Replayability / Game Duration

Modern Combat 5Within the “Operation Awakening” we have 4 smaller short missions. Each game consumes an amount of energy.

The game has the main story, multiplayer matches and events which will provide many hours of play.

Cost X benefit

Currently the game is free to play and has purchases in-app and of course you can play without paying a single penny in the game. Can be downloaded for iOS, Android and Windows Phone.


It’s definitely an amazing game, I would certainly spend hours playing it if there wasn’t a mistake, which so far hasn’t been fixed, where Chapter 3 just isn’t unlocked even though you’ve completed all Chapter 2 missions. be corrected.