MobiMover: transfira dados entre iPhone e iPad

MobiMover: transfer data between iPhone and iPad

Although iCloud is a good solution for sending or receiving files from iPhone and iPad between mobile devices and computers, the cloud solution is not so interesting for mass file sending.

In other words, backing up the system or even sending large files becomes impossible. After all, a small connection failure means interrupting the sending, forcing you to start over from scratch. that's why MobiMover becomes so useful.

Facilitating the transfer of data from iPhone, just use your device's USB cable to connect your iPhone or iPad to your computer, whether it is a Windows or Mac. From there, you can use MobiMover to perform the transfer or simply manage files with more ease on the PC.

See below what MobiMover, what are its main features and a small step by step on how to transfer files from iPhone to your computer using the software.

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What does MobiMover?

As mentioned above, the purpose of this EaseUS software is to help transfer and backup data from your smartphone or Apple tablet to your computer, or vice versa. MobiMover can do all of this for free.

That is, you can download free iPhone transfer software, allowing more control than installed or uninstalled from your devices. Not to mention that managing files on your computer screen is much easier than on your cell phone.

Another point to consider is that you don't have to limit yourself to transferring files between mobile devices and your computer. You can use the software to exchange files between an iPhone or iPad and even between two iPhones.

This means that you can also use it to transfer photos, videos, apps and documents between an old and a new iPhone, for example. MobiMover is compatible with iOS devices from version 8 to the current iOS 13.

get to know mobimover

Main features of the application

Transfers are, without a doubt, the flagship of MobiMover. As you can see throughout the article, it is possible to transfer files from recent iPhones and iPads, as well as smartphones equipped with the older versions of Apple's operating system.

In addition, using the software to manage files from all your devices is an excellent idea, since you don't have to rely on iCloud. Not even exchanging between two devices to make sure the right data has been successfully transferred.

Another feature that we have not yet commented on is the possibility of crossing the iPhone lock screen. Ideal for those with children at home, who may end up blocking your device when trying to open the screen using the wrong combinations.

It is also possible to use MobiMover to get videos from the main video platforms on the internet. One of its advantages is that you can download it directly to an iPhone or iPad, instead of downloading it to your computer and only then transferring it to your mobile device.

Technician Edition: unlock the iPhone screen

MobiMover is able to unlock the iPhone screen, whether it is password protected, drawings and even Face ID or Touch ID. Simply plug the device into your PC or Mac and browse through some menus to unlock it.

On the other hand, it is important to remember that the unlocking functionality is possible from a special edition of MobiMover, calledTechnician Edition. This edition is indicated for companies specialized in smartphone and tablet repair, making them the need to unlock these devices daily.

technical edition of the app

MobiMover is compatible with iPhone 4 onwards. On computers, it is compatible with all versions of Windows starting with Windows 7. Now on the Mac, you can use it starting with version 10.10, also known as Yosemite.

Finally, it is worth remembering that the file transfer functionality from iPhone to computer or between mobile devices is free!

Next, see how to transfer files from iPhone to PC using MobiMover!

How to transfer data from iPhone with MobiMover

The first step, of course, is to download the software to your computer. Then connect your iPhone or iPad to the computer using a USB cable. It is worth mentioning that the original cables that come with the device are the most suitable for the process.

Open MobiMover and click on the optioniPhone to PC in the left menu of the screen.

choose iphone to pc on mobimover

Now, choose the files on your iPhone or iPad that should be stored on your computer.

choose files

Confirm your selection and click the buttontransfer to start sending.

choose to transfer to use mobimover

Now, just wait a few moments – according to the number and size of the files sent – and your iPhone data will be safely on your computer!

See below also how to manage your files on mobile devices from MobiMover!

Managing iPhone data

In the same left menu that we mentioned in the step by step above, click this time on Content Management.

choose content management

Choose the files you want to manage. In the top bar, you can filter your searches by the types of files you have on your iPhone or iPad.

manage your files on mobimover

You can transfer them between devices, remove them or edit them. To do this, just click on one of the boats Add Content, Transfer to PC or Delete, located in the upper right bar of the screen. Select the option that is in accordance with what you want to do.

finish managing

Start using MobiMover for free!

Are you interested in the solutions and facilities that MobiMover offers for your iPhone or iPad? With it, you can backup or transfer your main files from mobile devices and keep them safe on your computer.

With this, you increase the number of places where an important document is stored, preventing you from losing it. After making the transfer successfully, nothing prevents you from also sending it to any of the main cloud storage services available on the market!