Mobills: meet the Brazilian financial manager featured on the Play Store

Mobills: meet the Brazilian financial manager featured on the Play Store

Mobills is the Brazilian application for controlling expenses that is on the list of best of the year on the Google Play Store; know her

As happens every year, the Google published, in early December, a list of the applications that stood out the most in the Play Store in 2019. In this edition, Brazil was represented by the app Mobills, a finance controller, which was among the best in the category “Best apps for everyday use”. The winners are chosen by both the Google and by popular vote.

Mobills, the application for financial control

With Mobills you can track expenses by categoriesWith Mobills you can track expenses by categories

The app Mobills aims to help users have more precise control over their personal expenses. He is a financial manager who helps organize expenses in various categories such as leisure, supermarket, transportation, water, electricity, telephone bills, among others.

Its layout is easy to use and the user will be able to see all his financial control even through graphs to facilitate understanding. O Mobills was so well received that it had already received a seal of excellence from the downloads of Android, an award given by the Google at the beginning of last year and it was also the only Brazilian app on the list.

The app already received the Google Play Editors Choice badge in 2018The app already received the Google Play Editors Choice badge in 2018

Today it already has more than five million downloads and it helps more and more people to control their spending and manage their money more easily and healthily. For this, it has a tool capable of fully analyzing the gains and expenses added to the application with graphs, percentages, information about the accounts and even about investments and cards.

With it it is also possible to add goals and objectives such as travel or the purchase of something special, and thus manage as the money spent so that it is possible to achieve these objectives in the short, medium or long term.

Graphs and controls made in the application can even be exported to Excel and viewed on other devices. It is also possible to synchronize data in the cloud with the web system Mobills to access these reports from the computer.

To register, you only need your username, email and password. You can do the download from the app to the Android or iPhone.

Mobills News

And in addition to celebrating being on the list of the best apps of 2019, the Mobills it also celebrates the arrival of some news. Its new version has two great highlights.

Mobills now has dark mode and goal planning Mobills now has dark mode and goal planning

The first is the improvement of financial planning. With it, the user can register a financial goal regardless of the motivation, which can be achieved in the short, medium and long term.

It is possible to have access to the evolution of this planning on a daily basis to make sure that it will be accomplished on time. In addition to the goals already thought out, the app itself can also guide the user to choose other important and intelligent goals so that their budget is better planned.

The second novelty is the arrival of Dark Mode at the Mobills. This option is very welcome when using the cell phone in dark places, so as not to impair vision with too much brightness and blue light emission. This dark version also helps to reduce battery usage.

An article from Havard Health, published in 2018, confirmed that the blue light that emits from screens of cell phones, tablets and computers can be dangerous by inhibiting the secretion of melatonin. This ends up creating inhibition of hormones and risks of obesity, diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

Carlos Terceiro, CEO and founder of Mobillls, also spoke a little about the importance of gaining this type of prominence:

“All of our work is aimed at ensuring that users have the best experience possible and that they actually manage to control their finances. We are very happy and we are looking for more news to continue being the best rated app in the category ”.

Carlos Terceiro, CEO and founder of Mobillls

Found the Mobillls interesting and plan to control your financial life from now on? Download it to Android or iPhone (iOS).