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Mobile Landline Call Prices Fall

In times of water rationing and rising inflation, finally good news. Since yesterday, it was cheaper to call from landline to mobile. The reduction was expected and is part of Anatel's goal plan. Check out the details below.

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The fixed rate for mobile phone drops. / Anatel Portal

Anatel yesterday lowered prices for both local and long-distance fixed-to-mobile calls. The reduction reaches up to 22% in the same DDD. In So Paulo, for example, Telefnica now charges 27 cents per minute instead of 35 cents. In Rio, Oi's rate went from 36 to 28 cents per minute.

In the case of long distance calls, there is a difference: if the first DDD number is the same, the reduction of 14% (for example, in a Belo Horizonte – DDD 31 – to Juiz de Fora – DDD 32) link. This occurs in cities in the same state most of the time. If, on the other hand, the DDD is completely different, the smallest drop of only 12%.

As stated above, this reduction is part of Anatel's target plan, and occurs every year (last year's was up to 13%). What did you think of her? It could have fallen a little longer, right?

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