.Mobi domain open for registration to the general public

COLLAB distinguished with the APDC / Siemens Innovation Award

The .mobi domain is already open for registration by any entity or individual. After a period of four months in which registration was limited to companies, brands and organizations, it became possible for anyone to register .mobi domains.

To do so, just follow the accessibility rules imposed by the .mobi management entity, the mTLD, which aim to optimize the pages registered under this domain for mobile phones.

These requirements are mandatory and subject to inspection by the entity in charge of managing the domain, which has the power to set deadlines and suspend the domain if these are not met.

Thus, the home page of a page registered in .mobi must be written in XHTML-MP language, its URL must work with www. like without it and not using frames.

The .mobi was approved last year by ICANN, the culmination of a process that approved other top-level domains targeting specific areas.

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