MM Tour IV: we have already drawn an Apple Watch! ;-)

MM Tour IV: we have already drawn an Apple Watch! ;-)

As I told you at the end of the previous post, on Sunday night (7/26) we went to dinner with the whole group of MM Tour IV at Union Square's Cheesecake Factory in San Francisco.

After a fantastic dinner and a delicious dessert, we held our special trip draw this time, sponsored by our partners at Quaddro Treinamentos. Gustavo Torrente happened to be in San Francisco and he participated in the whole game with us, delivering the Apple Watch in the hands of the winner.

The one who took the watch and slept happily (his face in the picture is not deceiving, hehe) was the Jacone Piucco, participant of Garopaba (SC).

Congratulations to Jacone and our thanks to Quaddro for this partnership!

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