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MM on the $ tore App: Upflix for Netflix, Notes Plus, iThoughts and more!

Closing the month of August with some nice offers on the App Store!

Check out my picks today:

Upflix app icon

Upflix app icon (No Advertising)

What is this week's new Netflix movie that you will be following on Saturday? Don't you know what made it to the catalog? Download now Upflix, an application created by the Brazilian Douglas Alves is a fundamental utility for every subscriber of the service.



The application's proposal is to provide information on new titles added to Netflix in real time, whether serial or documentary. The "Roulette" mode is a good option for those who don't know what they want to watch, just set filters and the app suggests a title!

Notifications are present, ensuring that you always know first about new titles added to the service. Want to tell a friend about the new movie? It is possible to share via Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, email or SMS / iMessage. The free version comes with advertisements, but if you liked the app and want to get rid of them, a free version of them is available for only $ 1!

Pop the popcorn, turn off the light and have a good session!

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Here, more offers from the App Store with discounts of up to US $ 9:

Take advantage of the offers and have a great weekend!

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Offers highlighted in the column MM on the $ tore App they are only for a limited time, so hurry up to enjoy them!