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MM in [Mac] $ Tore app: Locko, Pentumble, Study Habits, Infinity Danger, GRID and more!

This Tuesday, offers for Macs and iGadgets!

Check out my picks today:

Sorry, app not found.

THE Locko a beautiful and simple secure information manager. In addition, the application is capable of saving files and protecting them with a password. Behind Locko is BinaryNights, creator of the famous ForkLift.

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<p>Logins, credit cards, accounts, software licenses, documents and images in one place, protected and accessed by a single password. A synchronization mode is also available, either via iCloud or Dropbox suitable for you, who have more than one computer.</p>
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The app allows you to import data already registered in the traditional and one of my favorite apps 1Password, has AES encryption security of 256 bits and also has extensions for the main browsers. The offer, for a limited time, is valid until the release of its iOS version.

Don't be locko to miss this offer!

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Here, apps for iGadgets with discounts of up to US $ 3:

Now, two more offers from the Mac App Store:

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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Offers highlighted in the column MM on the $ tore App they are only for a limited time, so hurry up to enjoy them!