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MM in [Mac] $ Tore app: Inpaint, Reformator, Dropzone, Graphic Styles, Loop and more!

This Tuesday, another batch of offers for Macse iGadgets!

Check out my picks today:

Inpaint 6 app icon

THE Inpaint a very interesting tool for removing unwanted items from your photos.


Restore old photos, remove watermarks and make small touches to faces with easy commands and without great difficulties. Does your photo have that horrible date in yellow or orange? Inpaint can be the solution to your problems!


Curious about how it works? Using pixels close to the removed area, the app can, in some cases, remove unwanted items very well. In the tests I did, if the image is anything medium or larger, the results are pretty bad.

If you want to take a chance, take advantage of the offer and buy now!

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Check out the OS X apps that are on sale due to Two Dollar Tuesday:

PhotoMill app icon: The Image Converter

Utility for photos (convert, crop, resize, rename, adjust, etc.).

Dropzone 3 app icon

Improve your productivity and speed on your Mac.

Sorry, app not found.

Styles for Keynote presentations or Pages documents.

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Here, offers for iGadgets with discounts of up to US $ 3:

  • Loop $ 1 per ZERO: animations on the iPad.
  • Out There $ 4 per $ 2: space adventure.
  • Flesh & Blood $ 3 per ZERO: strategy game.
  • DXP $ 2 per ZERO: photo utility.

Enjoy and see you tomorrow!

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Offers highlighted in the column MM on the $ tore App they are only for a limited time, so hurry up to enjoy them!