MM Answers: what to do when fonts are not displayed correctly in macOS?

MM Answers: what to do when fonts are not displayed correctly in macOS?

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The question of the day: what to do when fonts are not displayed correctly in macOS?

We can find this scenario in some situations such as alert / notification boxes, emails, internet pages and other places on macOS. Basically, what we see this:

MacOS Font Error

Fixing font problems

Usually the problem involves duplicate or corrupted fonts. The good news is that this is easily resolved with a native application that you probably never use, the Fonts Catalog (Font Book). You find it inside the Utilities folder, which in turn is inside the Applications folder.

  1. Go to ~ / Applications / Utilities / and open the Font Catalog;
  2. Select all fonts from the menu Edit Select All (THE);
  3. Then, click File Validate Fonts.

Depending on the number of fonts installed on your system, the process can take some time. Once completed, check the list of problems presented, in which the yellow color represents small problems and the red one, corrupted fonts.

List of problems with some sources

In my example, the system encountered problems from two sources. If the case is duplicates, you can resolve it automatically or manually. If the source that has problems is one that you want to exclude, just select it and then remove it.

Restart your Mac and see if the problem is fixed. If not, follow these steps to restore the system to the default font model:

  1. Open the Font Catalog application;
  2. click in Restore Default Fonts File;
  3. A message will be displayed, informing you that all installed fonts will be moved to a folder called Fonts (Removed), except the original ones from the system, which will be restored in their original forms.

Solved the problem? 😊

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