MM Answers: is it possible to have differentiation in ringtone, keyboard and notification volume settings on iOS?

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Today's question: Is it possible to differentiate between ringtone, keyboard and notification volume settings on iOS?

Today's debt was sent by our reader Cristiano Vianna (@crvdp). Control the volume of a iGadget it can often be quite confusing; the buttons on the side do not necessarily serve only to increase and decrease the volume of a song being played or the ringtone of your device, they are also used to set the volume of Siri, but they would also serve to configure the height of the sound in the map navigation?

We will explain everything in MM Answers of today.

Side boats

The side buttons of your iGadget they serve, by default, to control the volume of a media that is currently playing. If nothing is being reproduced, its standard function is to modify the ring volume and its alerts.

iGadgets - Side Boats

Got in doubt? When you press it, information on what is being changed will be displayed on your screen "Touch" or "Volume".


Average adjustments

If you already want to leave a specific loudness set for the media sound on your device, without having to wait for a video / sound to be played, access the Control Center and set the volume you want for media sounds.

iOS - Control Center


When using the maps, if you use the side buttons, it will be possible to increase / decrease the volume of voice guidance for turn-by-turn navigation (not available even today in our tropical country). You can still change the volume by going to Map Settings.

IOS settings

In Sound and Touch Adjustments (or Sounds, in the case of iPads), you can define how the notification sounds and ringtones behave on your device. To dust “Adjust with Boats” define the behavior as described above; if it is unchecked, the side buttons will only function as volume adjustments, restricting the alerts / ringing to iOS Settings.

In the Adjustments it is still possible to determine if the Keyboard Clicks and Lock Sound they will be activated or not, it is worth mentioning that the volume set for a single alert for everyone, it is not possible to customize different volumes for iMessage or WhatsApp message alerts, for example, just different rings for identification of the notification.

IOS Settings - Sounds and Touch

To the Crab, when calling your virtual assistant, pressing the side buttons will be possible to set a volume of voice for her.

And what did you think? I hope who knows already on iOS 12 one day will have the option to configure different volumes for alerts on iOS, and you?

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