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MM Answers: How to use two-factor authentication on devices that do not allow verification code entry?

Today day of another edition of our column MM Answers!

The question of the day:

How to use two-factor authentication on devices that do not allow verification code entry?

For older devices and / or devices that do not support the regular two-way verification, Apple has an alternative.

Two-factor Authentication

THE two factor authentication It's a measure to add an extra layer of security to your digital accounts in an attempt to stay digitally protected. The idea is that no one can log into your account without having another trusted device or access to your number.


To “go through” two-factor authentication, simply go to iCloud and enter your Apple ID credentials normally (if you are doing this on a public computer, it is a good idea to do so on an anonymous tab). Importantly, some features do not require such authentication, such as Fetch My iPhone.

Two-factor authentication on older devices

Below, I will explain how to use two-factor authentication on older devices that are incompatible with this feature include previous generation Apple TVs and Macs with versions of OS X / macOS which do not have the window for entering the code sent by Apple.

In this process, you will need to generate a manual code on a device already connected to your account:

  • On iOS: comes Settings (Your Account) Password and Securityand tap "Get Verification Code."
  • In macOS: comes ICloud System Preferences Security Account Details and then "Get Verification Code."
Receive Verification Code on macOS

After generating the codes, enter the email of your iCloud account; In the password field, type it normally and then add (in sequence, without spacing) the six digits obtained in the above process.

Okay, your account should be accessed normally!

If you would like more tips on how to secure your accounts, be sure to check out our video:

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