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MM Answers: how to solve the bug of CPF or CNPJ in Apple IDs?

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The question of the day is: how to solve the bug of CPF or CNPJ in Apple IDs?

CPF or CPNJ requirement for Apple accounts

About two years ago, Apple started demanding a number of CPF or CNPJ to make purchases on the App Store. When trying to purchase an application or subscribe to your iGadget or on your Mac, you will receive a notification to enter one of these details.

Notification for tax data

So far, all right. It happens that, for some obscure reason, there is a bug exactly two years ago related to this requirement that involves the iCloud account. Yes, you read that right: two years!

Bug to insert CPF / CNPJ data

When you tap the notification requiring iCloud to enter your CPF / CNPJ on your device, the field simply does not appear. If you try to move forward, a red message appears to you:

Bug - Apple ID CPF / CNPJ field

But there are two alternatives to resolve this issue until the bug is fixed:

Through the App Store

  1. Open the App Store and tap the circle to access your account.
  2. Touch your “Name”.
  3. Now go to “Manage Payments”.
  4. Touch the displayed card or select “Add Payment Method”.
  5. Fill in your information and tap “Done”.
Apple ID with CPF / CNPJ

From the Apple ID page

  1. Open your browser and visit the Apple ID page.
  2. Fill in your login details and answer security questions or validate your authentication in two steps.
  3. Scroll down the page to “Payment and Delivery” and go to “Edit”.
  4. Fill in your information and tap / click “Save”.

Apple ID with CPF / CNPJ - Apple ID Page

Problem solved there? ?

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