MM Answers: how to resolve iCloud request requests on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch?

MM Answers: how to resolve iCloud request requests on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch?

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How to resolve iCloud request requests on your iPad, iPhone or iPod touch?

ICloud keys

ICloud Keys are a simple and secure way to store usernames, passwords, Wi-Fi networks and credit card information all integrated into Safari, making it very easy to fill out forms / logins in different situations, whether on your Mac, iPad or iPhone / iPod touch.

In addition to all this, iCloud Keys are also responsible for keeping their accounts used in the Mail, Contacts, Calendar and Messages apps up to date on all their Macs. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn accounts or any other type, for example, are synchronized by it.

The information stored in the resource is securely protected by AES 256-bit encryption, preventing unauthorized access and the misuse of your information. In addition to all this, the resource can also be used for the creation of secure passwords, putting an end to this difficult exercise of creativity and the use of passwords that are too easy.

Remembering all your passwords can be a headache. But now iCloud's Keys feature does that for you. It saves and keeps up to date the usernames and passwords of websites on your Mac and iOS devices approved by you. Data is protected with 256-bit AES encryption. It fills in everything automatically and also works for credit card information. Thus, making payments is much faster.

Solving the notification problem

Several iCloud users face an annoying problem: iCloud approval requests on their devices even after they have already been authorized. The message displays the information that, to use the iCloud account, it is necessary to approve by another device already authorized with your account. Apparently the problem related to iCloud Keys.

To resolve this endless notification soap, follow these steps:

  1. Comes ICloud Settings iCloud Keys;
  2. Disable iCloud Keys;

ICloud Keys - Disabled

  1. Restart your phone normally;
  2. Come back in ICloud Settings iCloud Keys;
  3. Reactivate iCloud Keys;

ICloud Keys - Enabled

  1. When the window appears, enter your code;
  2. In the next window, enter your iCloud password.

For the most part, this solution has solved the problem of endless notifications. And for you, decided? Leave your feedback in the comments below!

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