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MM Answers: How to improve the use of the Messaging app and its sync?

Today day of another edition of our column MM Answers!

The question of the day:

How to improve the use of Messaging app and its sync?

iMessage and instant messengers

Perhaps one of the biggest challenges when it comes to Messaging in Brazil is the stigma of SMS charging by operators in the past and the soft use of WhatsApp Messenger, especially for the idea of ​​being “free”.

For comparative purposes, however, iMessage is used similarly to WhatsApp (here in Brazil) in countries such as the United States, Canada, and France.

“Okay, and what do I have with using iMessage?” Let's go in parts. In addition to maintaining the information in your photo, location data, and date, if we compare the loss of quality with respect to sending WhatsApp images and videos, the abysmal difference. Facebook Messenger optimizes the image to the fullest, dramatically reducing its size; It practically transforms your file into another, replacing the original capture information and making it a little difficult to organize on a timeline.

And all are flowers in the messages? At the! The synchronization of service between devices, which iCloud has recently been working on, has greatly improved, but Apple is still working to ensure that its message history does not fail, especially between devices.

At the MM Answers Today, I'll explain how to make this sync even better. Let's go?

ICloud Messages and Message Forwarding

All content exchanged in the messenger will be saved in iCloud, be it text messages, media or other file types. Please note that when you enable iCloud Messaging, a message deleted on one device will also be deleted from all others linked to your account.

On iOS 11.4 or higher

Enabling Messaging on iCloud

  1. Open the Device Settings app;
  2. Touch your name at the top of the screen;
  3. Tap on iCloud;
  4. Find the option "Messages" and enable it.

On macOS 10.13.5 or higher

Enabling Messaging on iCloud

  1. Open the app posts;
  2. In the menu bar, select Preferences Messages;
  3. Click on “Accounts”;
  4. Check the "Enable iCloud Messaging" option.

Ready! Your iMessage network messages (blue bubble) will sync between your devices. But what about SMSs (green bubble)? There is a solution to that!

Without the “Message Forwarding” option enabled, your SMSs will only be received on your iPhone. This option allows text messages from your phone to be sent and received on other devices that have signed in with your iMessage account.

By turning on this option, iPads and Macs that are logged in with your Apple ID can send and receive SMSs, just like iMessages! To activate:

  1. Open the Device Settings app;
  2. Tap on “Messages”;
  3. Tap on “Message Forwarding”;

    Message Forwarding

  4. Activate the devices you want.

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