MM Answers: how to identify the device that made a photo / video in Fotos?

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Today’s question is: how to identify the device that made a photo / video in Fotos?

Apple has a cloud photo storage / optimization solution called Photo Library on iCloud. By choosing it, your photos can be optimized on your devices, taking up less space and, consequently, fitting more and more photos. This is also true for Macs, not just for iGadgets.

The highlight of this service is its practicality, especially for those who have Apple devices, have a small amount of photos or are lucky that the service works correctly when uploading. As iCloud starts your storage with just 5GB free, prepare your pocket to buy more space in your cloud. The monthly plans available are as follows:

  • 5GB: free
  • 50GB: $ 1
  • 200GB: $ 3
  • 2TB: $ 10

Since the center of your photos is now the cloud, you can also choose to keep only one optimized copy of them on your computer, just as is possible on iPhones or iPads. When you need to make edits or create projects, you will work with the original images being downloaded on demand. The good thing is that this option allows the minimum consumption of disk, very useful if your Mac does not have much space dedicated to photos and videos.

Smart Albums

Certain photos, which meet certain criteria, will be filtered in these albums automatically.

Photos - Smart Album

To create a smart album with your iPhone 8 Plus, for example, you must follow these steps:

  1. In Photos, click Archive »New Smart Album… (⌥⌘N)
  2. Define a name for your album (ex: “iPhone 8 Plus”);
  3. In the item “Match the following condition:”, select “Camera Model”, then “é” and then “iPhone 8 Plus”;

  4. Click “OK”. You must repeat these steps for each device.

An interesting test is to separate the photos by iPhone model; test there and take the opportunity to follow the evolution of the camera iGadgets in the last ten years!

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