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MM Answers: How does temporary app deletion work on iOS and how to revert it?

Today our column day MM Answers!

The question of the day:

How does temporary app deletion work on iOS and how to revert it?

Storage in iGadgets

We currently have iGadgets from at 1TB! Many people like to upload their files to internal memory; others keep their files in the cloud or have a device with little free space. A often ends up with the only option Uninstalling Unused Apps, a feature of iOS 11 that allows you to easily and quickly solve the problem of low space.

By opting for this feature, the user does not lose the application or its internal files, but temporarily removes them from their device, keeping their place but without taking up space. Let me further explain the difference of deleting a real app and using the Uninstall Unused Apps feature.


When you delete an application from your device, its icon disappears, the information is removed and any internal information / data is also deleted.

Uninstall Unused Apps

By using this feature, the app icon stays on your device and all of your information present inside it as well. The app's cone is in the same place, and next to the app's name is a “little cloud”.

There are two ways to enable this feature; are we going to them?


Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Settings;
  2. Tap on “General”;
  3. Go down and tap “iTunes and App Store”;
  4. Bookmark the item Uninstall Unused Apps.

Note that in this form, the system removes applications that are not frequently used, regardless of how important you are to them. It is also noteworthy that iOS does not warn which apps are being put in this mode you can only find out by the icon next to its title.

If you need to use one of these apps again, you will need a network connection and keep in mind that certain apps, by their size (> 150MB), cannot be downloaded again without a Wi-Fi network.


Follow the instructions below:

  1. Open Settings;
  2. Tap on “General”;

  3. Tap "iPhone Storage";

  4. Tap the app icon you want to uninstall;
  5. Touch “Uninstall App“.

A message will appear stating that your data will be kept and that if you wish to use the application again you will need to download it.

Reinstalling Applications

When tapping a cone that has been deleted, a message stating that the download occurs in the displayed background. At the end, by tapping the icon, the app will open normally, with all your information.

Do you use this feature? What is your opinion about him? Leave a comment!

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