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MM Answers: Defective iPhone, what to do?

We are starting today a new column here on the site: MM Answers. The idea is to get you, our readers, in a (at least initially) biweekly column.

Today's question:

What to do in case of a defective iPhone or broken screen?

If your product is still under warranty and what happened to it is a factory defect, there is no doubt: the best option, if there is no Apple Retail Store in your area, to take it to an Apple Authorized Service Center. , which generally tends to be faster than direct service via Apple Brazil.

But is there a direct option with Apple? Yes! It exists, although it is not very prominent. The biggest advantage of performing authorized repairs is with Apple to keep your product under warranty or to make sure that the parts installed are genuine, which gives you safety in using the product. The rather different price issue today resembles parallel workshops is the certainty that the repair is being done to Ma's standards and with genuine parts, that is, with a lower risk of causing problems in the future. Worth the price.

My iPhone screen cracked, what to do?

For reference, in a quick consultation via the internet, I found two companies that would repair the screen of an iPhone 6s Plus for $ 489-499, without the warranty of parts origin, and the device would be ready in about two hours.

iPhone 6 with Brazilian Flag (by )

There are two options available for Apple Authorized Service in Brazil:


In the first option, the amount charged may vary from the prices suggested by Apple for state taxes (to cite one example). To get an idea, based on the Brasilia values, the authorized service technicians practice the following values ‚Äč‚Äč(there is no option to change the screen in the ATs, which occurs the complete replacement of the device):

ModelAT 1AT 2
iPhone 6s R $ 1,749.00 R $ 1,799.00
iPhone 6s Plus R $ 1,949.00 R $ 2,099.00

As you can see, there are price ranges between authorized so, worth researching. The full list of them can be found on this page from Apple Brazil. The average term for the exchange is 15 days.


The amounts charged by Apple (in this case, for the screen change itself, since the company * does * this service) are as follows:

Screen Swap

If your device is out of warranty or if the problem was caused by accidental damage (for example, you dropped it in the pool with just one week of use), the values ‚Äč‚Äčcharged for the replacement of the device itself are as follows:

Out of Warranty Service

As we are talking about a replacement, even if the device is completely broken with Apple.

To complete the process with Apple, simply follow these steps:

  1. Call Apple (0800-761-0867) with the serial number or the IMEI of the device.
  2. Open a service order.
  3. Inform the data of a credit card if the replacement value of the device is pre-approved. If only the screen change occurs, the rest of the value will be returned.
  4. You will receive from Apple, by email, a reverse postage code from the Post Office, as well as the service consent form (shipping paid by the company itself, including packaging).

Check out Apple's out-of-warranty service text:

When setting up out-of-warranty service, Apple will request a credit card pre-authorization for the maximum service charge listed above. This amount will be deducted from your credit limit. The final service fee we will charge will be determined during the test and may be less than the service fee listed above.

Certain damage is not eligible for out-of-warranty service, including irrecoverable damage such as the device being broken into pieces and inoperability due to unauthorized modifications. However, an iPhone that has experienced a problem due to contact with liquid may be eligible for out-of-warranty service.

Your repaired device is usually shipped within 7 days of completion of the review and may extend to no longer than 30 days. Warranty for service on this new 90-day handset if the original warranty on the replaced / repaired product has expired.

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