Missing Instagram for watchOS? The Lens app can fill this gap!

Missing Instagram for watchOS? The Lens app can fill this gap!

Let's combine: the Apple watch not the ideal way to access the Instagram. The small screen and limited interaction methods are very important impediments that limit the experience so much that after basically leaving the app to watch the flies for years, the network killed it at the beginning of the month. For those who still need to check the Urges by the wrist, however, there is already an alternative: the Lens.

Lens app for accessing Instagram on Apple Watch

Unlike the official Instagram app for Apple Watch, Lens brings an almost complete network experience to the watch screen. Of course, you can't post photos and videos on feed or in Stories, but you can view your timeline, check your friends stories, access the Activity and Explore tabs, and more.

You can of course like your friends' photos and videos and comment them through the watchOS voice keyboard, as well as searching for users, viewing your own profile and even accessing Direct to talk to your contacts directly by the handle.

Lens For Instagram app icon

Lens is available for free on the App Store, and developers offer only one in-app purchase of $ 8 to help them financially. It is worth checking!

via 9to5Mac