Espelhe a tela do seu Android no seu Linux com o ScrCPy

Mirror your Android screen on your Linux with ScrCPy

Many would like to be able to fiddle with their mobile phone through their Linux, now it will be possible.

Many Linux users would like to mirror the screen of their Android smartphone on the desktop so that you can access apps that are only available for them or some other things to do. The scrcpy from the folks at Genymobile are coming to bring this long awaited facility.

Mirror your Android screen on your Linux with ScrCPy In their blog, developers show the new tool, which unlike their Genymotion Desktop (paid) emulators and Genymotion Personal Edition (free), it does not emulate any handsets, instead you can make use of your own Smartphone by making Just the mirroring of the screen of the mobile phone on the pc, still under development, as the AirDroid and Vysor, which in the full versions are paid. Scrcpy is their open source project, so you can keep track of progress, as well as scrutinize their code without problems.

Installing scrcpy on Linux

There are several ways to install the software on Linux. The main one installing his Snap, if your system doesn't support Snap, check out this tutorial that teaches you how to install on your system. This done, just run the following command on the terminal:

sudo snap install scrcpy

For Arch and Manjaro users, just search AUR for scrcpy and have it installed. Anyone on Gentoo has an EBUILD too, which scrcpy /. If you don't want to use snap or your distro is not supported, you can compile it by following the developers tutorial, pay attention to the dependencies.

To run the application you will need the terminal per hour just by typing scrcpy. But most likely in the near future it will have a graphical interface to make everything easier.

We made a video on the channel to show it working, so cool, we even showed how to create a shortcut to make it easy to open the application without opening the terminal every time

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