Ministry of Health launches application on the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Brazil

Ministry of Health launches application on the new coronavirus (COVID-19) in Brazil

Platform is part of efforts to contain false news about the new coronavirus (COVID-19); see how to download the app

O Ministry of Health it's the SUS (Single Health System) launched this week an app with information about the new coronavirus (COVID-19). The tool concentrates useful tips to contain the spread of false news, as well as share procedures on how to prevent it, among other topics.

In the app Coronavirus – SUS, Brazilian citizens may find tips for not falling into fake news (fake news, in free translation). There are still general prevention measures and respiratory etiquette, explaining how the new coronavirus is transmitted (COVID-19), what are symptoms and information for those who are traveling.

Ministry of HealthThe Ministry of Health application is available on iOS and Android systems

In addition to these items, the application has a button to let you know if you are not feeling well. When clicking on this option, you should answer a short questionnaire, selecting, for example, if you have nasal congestion, tiredness, sore throat, fever, cough, headache, general malaise and others. You should also respond if you have had contact with someone suspected of being infected.

How to download Coronavrus – SUS

Coronavirus - SUSSee how to download the Coronavrus – SUS app

O Coronavirus – SUS is available free of charge for users of iOS and Android systems. To use it, it is not necessary to create a login, however Ministry of Health asks the user to read and accept the terms of conditions.

In addition to the application, Ministry of Health provides useful tips on its official website (click here to access). There are still two other channels for resolving doubts:, in order to combat fake news on health; and on WhatsApp, through the number: (61) 99289-4640.

Coronavrus in Brazil

Brazil entered level 2 (imminent danger) for the new CoronavrusBrazil has 2 confirmed cases of Coronavirus

For now, Brazil has two confirmed cases of people infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19). The two patients are Brazilian, residing in the state of So Paulo. They contracted the virus in Italy and, according to the Ministry, the two cases are not linked to each other.

By February 28, 2020, Brazil had registered 182 suspicious cases and 71 were discarded.

Altogether, the Ministry monitors 16 countries for suspected cases. They are: Germany, Australia, United Arab Emirates, Philippines, France, Iran, Italy, Malaysia, Cambodia, China, North Korea, South Korea, Japan, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

For now, the main recommendation of health agents is to thoroughly clean your hands with water and soap, or alcohol gel. It is not necessary to use a mask, except for those who have or had contact with a person infected with the coronavirus. Health professionals who have contact with infected patients should also use appropriate personal protective equipment.

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