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Minister of Citizenship blames Apple for delay in releasing Caixa Tem app update [atualizado]

Since the Federal Government launched the app so that informal professionals affected by the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) can apply for its R $ 600 benefit, in early April, many people report difficulties accessing it and requesting Emergency Aid.

In an interview given today to Band’s “Brasil Urgente” program, the Minister of Citizenship, Onyx Lorenzoni, stated that these problems were being caused because of the “iPhone manufacturer”, obviously referring to Apple. He explained that the latest version of the app Box Has, sent by the Caixa team to the App Store, has not yet been approved.

The minister also said in the interview that this problem seems to be exclusive to iPhone users, since the app on Android devices, used by the majority of the population, seems to be working normally. “On Android, we have no problem,” he added.

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The approval period for applications / games for the App Store has decreased considerably in recent years, but it is likely that the specific Caixa app took longer to be distributed in the store – and it is also capable that the store review is committed to the pandemic.

The fact is that, according to the minister’s statement, an update of Caixa Tem with corrections should be painted in the coming days. Who knows, with this public complaint, Apple now gives priority to approval.

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Update, for Rafael Fischmann Apr 21, 2020 at 19:37

Originally, our article referred to the Emergency Aid app – but the problem in question is the Box Has, aimed at people who do not have bank accounts.

We updated the above text accordingly.