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To fall in love with racing games, you don't have to be a car racing fan or Formula One. That's because racing games, with their speed and immediacy, already attract a lot of players. Mini Motor Racing is certainly one of these good examples. To learn more about him, how about continuing to read our review today?

Functions & Usage

Device: Samsung Galaxy NexusAndroid version: 4.2.2Root: NoMods: None

Mini Motor Racing requires an initial installation of about 199 MB of data, which makes us suggest that you install the app in WiFi environment on a device that has sufficient internal memory. Its size is justified due to the richness of the graphics and the large number of available traces.

Mini Motor Racing is a racing game set in urban circuits, deserts, dunes and forests in which it is necessary to confront the opponents and beat them at speed. The basic game mode is called Racing. In it, the player must choose a car with certain characteristics speed, steering ability, etc. and customize it by choosing a specific color. Each time a race is won, you get prizes in the form of points that can be reinvested in new tires or at speed.

With his own car, the player can participate in two different championships: one of them to be unlocked from $ 25,000 in the driver's account. This amount can be purchased through the internal app store with real money. In addition, during the game it is possible to unlock other cars including one of the police, another a school bus and even a Christmas sleigh.

Another mode of the game is the Quick Race. It is actually a unique race with one of the vehicles previously unlocked in Race mode. In Multiplayer, you can play in WiFi environment against up to four players. It is not possible to play against friends via 3G connection if everyone is connected to different networks.

The circuits are the same in all mentioned modes and are mostly long and curvy. During the course of the circuit, the player encounters numerous bonuses and power ups that must be collected. They guarantee speed increments during the race.


Mini Motor Racing is a quality racing game that differs from classic racing games of its kind. Its strength lies in its very unique graphics and controls system. Exciting Race mode and Multiplayer lets you challenge your friends in races to be decided on the last corner!

Screen & Controls

Mini Motor Racing has as its highlight its graphic. Controls appear to be a bit tricky at first, but can be replaced with a visual on-screen steering wheel. If you choose this first option, you will not be able to tilt your smartphone to give direction to the vehicle. The menu design very intuitive and functional. The important thing is that it can be viewed quickly and then hidden again.

Speed ​​& Stability

Mini Motor Racing worked very well throughout the time we tested it. Both in terms of stability and fluidity, the game proved perfect.

Price / Performance Ratio

Mini Motor Racing can be purchased for $ 0.80 or $ 2.10 on Google Play. The price is quite reasonable given the good graphic quality of the app. In the internal store, you can still make other purchases.


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