Mini DisplayPort output has problems with some external monitors

Mini DisplayPort output has problems with some external monitors

Perhaps this is an Apple monitor compatible with the Mini DisplayPort outputs ...Behold, you buy your MacBook / MacBook Pro unibodywith Mini DisplayPort output and, after investing such a large amount, you also decide to purchase an adapter to connect your VGA monitor widescreen, enlarging the total viewing area or duplicating the image, according to your need.

After a few minutes (or seconds, it depends on the monitor), the screen starts to blink or even goes out completely, and you think “look, my adapter is defective, or maybe the monitor”, but before going to change it on store, decides to test with a projector or monitor that emits images in 4: 3 format, instead of 16:10 "wide".

Most likely, you will utter a word and say “Eurekait works! ”, even with a certain happiness, until he realizes and deduces that, if it works with a 4: 3 projector / monitor, why not with the previous one?

Welcome to the Real World Desert: your video output generated by a GeForce 9400M chip is unable to output graphics for some resolutions at the correct frequency of some monitors widescreen, without even allowing changes to this configuration via System Preferences. The fact that not even Apple knows what the real reason for the failure is yet, but the solution she presented for MacBooks Pro was to use graphics in extreme mode, with the 9600M chip enabled.

Right. This “half-assed solution” solved the problem of those who have a Pro – I went through it and it worked with my 20 inch Samsung. However, anyone who has a MacBook unibody do what? The answer: NOTHING, sit back and wait for a driver update for the GeForce 9400M that allows it to work correctly with all existing monitors.

There was an update that was supposed to fix this, in addition to the problem with non-Apple 30-inch monitors. Days later, she was taken down without any explanation from the company. Those who managed to download it did not see any change in the defect described here, so there is nothing more certain than removing this update from the servers. Problem not solved, and users again dissatisfied with another nonsense coming from Cupertino.

Our reader agumieri wrote about his “story” in the forum. My dear, we have nothing left but to wait. It is hard to believe, but we are tied. Perhaps worse than that was that you heard official tech support say, "We don't guarantee operation on non-Apple displays."

In other times, this was called lack of seriousness. Commitment to the customer = zero.

So wait.