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Mini DisplayPort Adapter – Dual-Link DVI causes periodic distortion problems

MacBooks Pro users are reporting video problems when they connect their notebooks to a 30-inch monitor via the Mini DisplayPort – Dual-Link DVI adapter. Apparently, the image is full of flaws in the entire length of the monitor, making everything impossible to be viewed, as shown in the image below:

MacBook Mini DisplayPort - Dual-Link DVI adapter problem (+ Pro)

What was described by Gizmodo and that can also be found in two topics in the Apple support forum that the problem comes up at different time intervals, ranging from a few minutes after connected to up to an hour. The worst thing is that it is not isolated to generic monitors: even the 30-inch Apple Cinema Displays themselves are affected, as if one of the Dual-Link DVI links is missing.

To solve the problem, I need to unplug from the MacBook Pro the Mini DisplayPort connection or the USB cable I need to use it. This may have been the reason for Apple's delay in making this adapter available, but chances are the problem will be resolved through a software update.