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Minha Claro – How does it work? Download, Functions, Advantages and Disadvantages

Nothing better than having all the information you need in your palm, isn't it? With the app Minha Claro it is possible to check the internet consumption, get 2 via the ticket among other features.

The free app for both iOS and Android. It is super easy to use as it is practical and intuitive. Its functions help to control your spending, renew or hire internet packages among others. Through it you have access to post control, know more about the benefits of customers when it comes to mobile, flat internet and more about prepaid control.

Check out the Minha Claro app here and learn how to use it. Learn about the services available, what are the internet plans, the digital services available, the benefits and know all the best to put in your home.

How to download?

Minha Claro - How does it work? Download, Fun, Advantages and Disadvantages

Downloading the Minha Claro app is super easy, just have an internet connection on your phone. Preferably use some wifi, but you can also use your data package. This way you can have access to all the benefits of Claro Clube.

Open your smartphone store, Google Play for Android or Apple Store for iOS. In the search field, type My Light. In the list that appears look for the official version and open. You can check out images, instructions and even comments from other users regarding the app. That done, click Install and wait.

Here's how the My Tim app works and stay tuned!

Automatically be downloaded followed by installation. After this step, I need to open the app and log in with your My Claro data (the same login you use to access the Claro website). If you don't have a login, just create one quickly, no matter if you post paid or prepaid plans.

Minha Claro application features

The app is for any customer of course, not just for mobile. If you use Claro TV, Claro Internet, Claro Ps, Claro Control, Claro Pr or Claro Fixed, you can use the Minha Claro application or use it through the site.

The app offers several functions that make life easier for a Claro customer. With it possible:

  • View the details of your plan;
  • Track internet consumption;
  • Download invoices or just the bar code for payment;
  • Purchase additional packages;
  • Track recharge;
  • View contracted and available services;
  • Of course club.

And, for those who have more than one line or service from Claro, can see the information individually, just a few clicks. This way you can track each of your invoices, be it landline, Claro's cell phone, Claro TV and any type of invoice that exists.

This way, you are aware of information about international roaming, when available, which are Claro's plans, whether they are mobile phone plans, internet TV plans or just a recharge for those without credit.

How it works?

My clear

You can access My Claro via the internet or the application, directly on your mobile device. Below is a complete walkthrough to get you through your mobile phone or local internet.

To access over the internet:

  1. Visit the website Minha Claro:;
  2. If you already have the login, just enter your email, password and click on "Login";Access My Light
  3. If not, click on "Register" and fill in the details;Access My Light
  4. That done, open the homepage of your My Claro, where you can follow all the information about the services you use from Claro;Access My Light
  5. To use the app of course, both iOS and Android, I need;
  6. Download the app for free;
  7. Login or register (as stated above).

In the app only need to login once. That way, the second time you use it, you don't have to type any information. The app will open automatically so you can keep track of what you want about your services of course. So you have the best data, you know all about your internet franchise, you can select the automatic debit option and much more you can access.

Login Claro and Net

This is important information! Since Claro and Net are the same company. That way, if you already have the login to My Net, you can use it in My Sure. And vice versa. So if you have a subscription tv contract in any of them, make a consultation through the same portal.


There are several positives when using Minha Claro, either through the app or through the site. The first advantage is the practicality that offered. With a few clicks it is possible to track the consumption or even get the invoice for payment. In addition, we can highlight other advantages such as:

  • Free access;
  • Agility;
  • Data security;
  • All information in one place;
  • Usability – the service is easy to use;
  • Intuitive interface

Negative points

Despite so much advantage, there are some small negatives that deserve attention.

  • According to iOS users, the Minha Claro interface is the same as that of the site, which means it can be a bit difficult to use as it's not responsive;
  • For Android users, the app also leaves a little to be desired when it comes to number management (for those who use more than one service).
  • The ratings for Minha Claro on iOS and Android are low, being 3.1 and 2.9 out of 5 stars, respectively.

See here how My Vivo Mvel works and learn more!

Despite the minor problems noted, the service does what it promises by offering invoices, payment data and follow-up. You can also learn more about control plans, such as having a fast and much more affiliate broadband internet right into your account.

How to issue digital invoice

To issue the digital invoice of Claro just access My Claro through the official website or application. The steps are:

  1. Access the portal;
  2. Enter your login and password;
  3. Click on “Access”;
  4. V in “digital invoice”;
  5. Click on the billet ms you want to generate;
  6. Use the barcode to pay at lotteries, banks or via internet banking.

How to use My Claro for bandwidth control

The internet consumption of your data package can be consulted through the same portal. Follow the steps:

  1. Access the portal with your login and password;
  2. Click on "My Plan";
  3. V in “Internet consumption”;
  4. Check your data consumption per day and how much remains to be spent on your broadband package.

If you have difficulties check out the video below:

Remember that the use of apps like Whatsapp and Messenger do not discount your data franchise package. However, video browsing, Google searches and any other use of the web browser will discount your plan.

How to make installment payments

The installment of debts of Claro can not be done by Minha Net, whether from Claro TV, mobile internet, Claro mobile or others. In the Negocia E Fácil portal, however, it is possible to create a form of payment for your overdue invoices by paying on the credit card or barcode only over the internet, without clerks.

  1. Access the portal Claro Negocia Fcil (;
  2. Enter your social security number and click on "Enter";
  3. Follow the online system steps to negotiate your debt;
  4. Make the payment on time.

How to check your balance

There are several ways to check your balance. It can be by the application, simply enter your login and password or then call * 1052 # and choose the option "balance". Soon be informed to you on your screen. This option also shows the available deductible of the plan.

How to recharge

  • Send Claro 1052 and choose option 2 (balance and top up);
  • Send the word "Refill" to number 555 and choose the value you want to load.

If you did not find the tutorial you needed about the features of the Minha Claro app you can call the Claro call center. The toll free:0800 763 2121.