Ming-Chi Kuo reiterates possibility of iPhone without 3D Touch and new touchscreen technology in 2018

Ming-Chi Kuo reiterates possibility of iPhone without 3D Touch and new touchscreen technology in 2018

Much is said about the mythical line of 2018 iPhoneswhich, if all the rumors so far are right, will bring three new models, all with the basic design of the iPhone X a 5.8 inch model, like the current one, a larger / more expensive 6.5 inch model, and an input model with a 6.1 inch LCD screen. Because Ming Chi Kuo More information (or predictions) about this third model is coming today.

According to KGI Securities analyst, in a note published by the Chinese website Feng, the cheapest iPhone of 2018 adopt a new touch sensitivity technology called Cover Glass Sensor (glass cover sensor, or CGS), which would reallocate the touchscreen module of the panel apparatus itself to the glass on the surface of the apparatus; This would make the display module lighter and impact-resistant, as Kuo says.

The cost of this new technology would be slightly more expensive than the traditional scheme. in-cell (where touch sensitivity is on the panel itself), representing a 15% increase in module cost that would rise from $ 23 to $ 26, according to Kuo. So, the analyst predicts, Apple can cut costs by filing the 3D touch this iPhone input model; the other two versions of the device would retain the technology as well as the traditional touchscreen.

Kuo also has some extra information: According to him, Apple will add another unidentified layer to the “sandwich” that makes up the screen module on the 6.1-inch iPhone. This layer, whose functionality has not been revealed, could be a new implementation of 3D Touch, although this is just a guess with no real foundation.

As Apple would be aiming to apply CGS technology to all iPhones from 2019, however, considering that the company will keep 3D Touch one way or another completely extinguish it, after all, would make no sense: yet While the feature has not become a fundamental part of the iOS experience, it is already widespread enough to be missed if it ends soon. This is an indication, therefore, that such a "mysterious layer" may indeed be a means of implementing 3D Touch on this mysterious iPhone.

To see if these predictions prove to be real, of course, we will have to wait and see.

via MacRumors