Ming-Chi Kuo now predicts 16-17 inch MacBook Pro in 2021 only [atualizado]

In February, we brought in a huge flood of forecasts from our favorite analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, about likely future Apple releases.

Some of these predictions, such as the new AirPods and iPads, proved true, while others died pathetically on the beach.

Now, Kuo is back to reevaluate other predictions, as reported by Economic Daily News (Google translator).

If you remember correctly, Kuo predicted that Apple would launch a new model of the MacBook Pro from 16 to 16.5 inches still in 2019.

From l to c, the analyst changed his mind: he says Ma will still have a larger version of the MacBook Pro, but its screen can be any size between 16 and 17 inches and the computer would be launched only on early 2021.

Another of Kuo's predictions remains firm and strong: the so spoken professional monitor Apple, according to the analyst, should still be launched in second half of 2019.

The panel should be 31.6 inches and 6K resolution, and incorporate new Mini LED technology, which would also be included in the future MacBook Pro.

Finally, Kuo also expects Apple to release a new version of iPad (without specifying the line), with a screen between 10 and 12 inches, between the last quarter of 2020 and the first quarter of 2021.

We may be talking about new iPads Pro, but Apple will go more than two years without updating the current models? To see.

Note that Kuo's note was automatically translated from Chinese by MacRumors and therefore some minor details may have escaped the translation.

If new information comes up about analyst forecasts, we will update the article here, obviously.

Update by Rafael Fischmann 04/09/2019 s 09:55

As we suspected, the Chinese site translation yesterday was not 100% accurate.

O 9to5Mac today obtained Kuo's note for English investors and some information does not match.

According to them, the 31.6 ″ monitor should arrive this year to have only their backlighting system (backlight) based on technology Mini ledwhile such futures iPad and MacBook Pro would use Mini LED screens, in fact.

There is, as some sites have reported, a 31.6 ″ iMac in Apple's plans.

What do they point out that Kuo never mentioned that such a new 16-16.5 ″ MacBook Pro previously reported would have been postponed.

These new Mini LED models are due to arrive by 2020-21 due to the time of development of the technology (which does not suffer from the effect of burn in like OLED, for example).

My guess is that Apple should use the opening keynote of the Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC) 2019 in June to announce this new 31.6 ″ display next to the new modular Mac Pro, and maybe also updated MacBooks Pro with this new one.

larger verse.

We hope so! 😃