Ming-Chi Kuo leaves KGI Securities and rumors about future Apple products are likely to abate

If you read it with some regularity, certainly catches the eye on the name Ming-Chi Kuo with some frequency. Pudera: the analyst is one of the main and most trusted names in the notorious industry of rumors in the Apple world, with privileged sources in different parts of the productive chain of Ma (the majority in Asia). Even when he made a mistake (and yes, he did sometimes), Kuo brought some important piece of information that would come to fruition. Now, no more.

According to China Times (Google Translate), Kuo left the KGI Securities, the firm where he worked for almost a decade, and must not assume a similar position in a competitor apparently, the analyst hung up the boots of the Apple world and will no longer cover rumors of Ma's production chain.

Ming-Chi Kuo(Yes, he has a face!)

The reasons for the exit are not clear, although Mark Gurman (the Bloomberg, another of the great insiders rumors of Ma) stated that Kuo would be “moving on to cover other innovative companies other than Apple”. It remains to be seen which companies these are and if this is real, of course.

Another reason for Kuo's “retirement” is a mere assumption here, since such a factor has not been commented on anywhere else could be the closing of the siege that Apple has made with sources within its production chain. If you remember, Ma recently threatened, in all letters, to arrest all employees who were leaking confidential information; perhaps Kuo's privileged sources felt the impact and went back?

The fact that, now, we will have to do without it or, in a different perspective, we have a vacant place at the top of Apple's rumored industry. Does anyone qualify? 😝

via 9to5Mac