Apple may launch iPhone with Touch ID under screen in China

Ming-Chi Kuo “confirms” the obvious: Touch ID is passed to Apple

If you remember correctly, a lot of people wrinkled their nose when the iPhone X arrived without Touch ID and bringing only facial recognition as a method of authentication, it was even speculated that Face ID was just a "prankster" invented by Apple to buy time while not finding a way to implement the on-screen fingerprint reader (like some Chinese manufacturers are already doing).

Today, the moods are different: the Face ID caught it and almost no one else thinks about seeing a fingerprint reader on a future iPhone, either on screen or off. And if you still have any suspicion that this could happen, our old friend Ming Chi Kuo (from TF International Securities) came to throw another lime in his hopes.

In a note released to investors this morning, Kuo said Apple had no plans to resume Touch ID on 2019 iPhones, and any idea of ​​embedding the technology on screens has already been dismissed by the company due to the popularity and reliability of its TrueDepth cameras. and your facial recognition system. This, yes, will continue to be the unique authentication method for iPhones in the foreseeable future and will certainly spread to other company products as well.

Kuo also said that the tendency for Android manufacturers to continue to develop in-screen fingerprinting solutions, as their face recognition systems are not as advanced as Apple's, and following this separate trail can be a good differentiator. According to the analyst, in the first half of 2019 we will already see good improvements in the user experience with this type of technology, with large manufacturers adopting the feature and implementing it in their flagships (are you listening, Samsung?).

Do you think it's appropriate? Missing your fingers? Leave your frustrations and joys below.

via MacRumors