Ming-Chi Kuo: Apple to Focus on Larger Batteries in 2019 iPhones Due to Enhanced TrueDepth Cameras

Over the past two weeks, Apple has found itself in the midst of huge controversy over some studies by users and developers that have proven a calculated and purposeful performance loss in iPhones as they age and their batteries lose capacity.

The company's response that this is expected behavior to preserve the life of the devices was less than satisfactory mainly because it left a certain lack of transparency in the air, but perhaps things could change in the not too distant future.

According to the analyst Ming Chi Kuofrom KGI Securities, Apple will invest heavily in larger capacity batteries iPhones from 2019 onwards, but the reason may not be simply to increase the longevity of the handsets: According to him, some improved components should consume a much larger amount of energy, forcing the company to invest more in lithium ons cells.

More precisely, the iPhones of the future will have systems TrueDepth Much more advanced, “with more powerful 3D sensors and other augmented reality-related functions” than expected, given Apple's heavy push into its ARKit.

Such technologies would require a lot of battery power from the tiny devices, forcing the company to find alternatives to significantly increase capacity and, it seems, the idea is not to make the iPhones fatter again, but to miniaturize the other internal components to free up more space.

to the energy cells.

Just so that we don't get confused, a few weeks ago Kuo had already spoken out about the possibility of Apple focusing on larger batteries in iPhones; At that time, however, the analyst was specifically referring to next year's models, and even so, he had more concrete opinions to give on the subject, including numeracy and the like.

In this most recent guess, the thing a little more “distant” and therefore less defined.

What do you think about this whole story? Bigger batteries are always welcome, aren't they?

via iClarified