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Ming-Chi Kuo: "Apple Glass" to be produced later this year

If a few years ago the chances of Apple Glass getting out of the paper seemed almost remote, now it's closer than ever. As we reported last August, the well-known TF International Securities analyst, Ming Chi Kuo, bet that the first headset Ma could be launched next year.

According to his most recent report, the analyst speculated that Apple's augmented reality glasses will go into mass production as early as the last quarter of this year (ie from October) or, later, until the second quarter. 2020

Despite this, he did not indicate a specific release date, but the production lead time suggests that the likely gadget Ma may be announced in the second half of next year, which meets its previously announced bets.

In addition, the analyst pointed out that Apple's AR glasses will essentially depend on the iPhone; that is, the first generation of the accessory will only display what will be rendered on the smartphone, something like the screen mirroring feature.

It is not clear whether the Apple Glass would be connected by cable or whether it would use Bluetooth and / or Wi-Fi as a wireless connection method (such as Apple Watch, AirPods, etc.) for short-range communication. But depending on the iPhone, Apple could create a headset even more ergonomic than other products on the market, like Facebook's Oculus Go.

While iPhone is potentially capable of performing AR / VR tasks through ARKit, the question remains: is Apple able to manage iPhone battery usage to drive the device's AR experience to the glasses? Even with the iPhone as the brain, the company still needs to deploy a lot of technology in this device, such as screen depth and tracking sensors.

We'll see how it all fits in the coming months (or next year).

via 9to5Mac