Ming-Chi Kuo analyst says iPad Pro will win TrueDepth Face ID camera as early as 2018

Ming-Chi Kuo analyst says iPad Pro will win TrueDepth Face ID camera as early as 2018

And we are back for another prediction of the most accurate analyst in the west (or rather in the east). Ming Chi Kuo, gives KGI Securities, decided to focus their attention today on iPad Pro and more specifically, a feature introduced in the iPhone X that, he says, finds the way for Ma tablets in the not too distant future.

More specifically, the analyst believes that the next generation of iPads, to be introduced next year, will incorporate the so-called front-facing camera with technology. TrueDepth, which first comes to the iPhone X. With it and its 3D sensing capabilities, Apple tablets will also incorporate the technology Face ID for face reading unlocking.

According to Kuo, only the iPads Pro would get the news; the traditional model and the mini (which, by the way, no one knows if it continues to exist) will remain in lower price ranges and retain the Touch ID as the main unlocking method.

Also, considering the analyst's prediction is correct, to think about what happens with the fingerprint technology on the iPads Pro: will it be fully filed, as it was on iPhone X, or the two security features will coexist? in peace? Because nothing indicates that tablets will follow the same path as the smartphone towards almost completely abolishing the edges (which would even be a usability nightmare).

Including the TrueDepth camera on iPads would be, as Kuo said, an important step in extending technology adoption by developers along with likely technology adoption across all 2018 iPhones, as the analyst previously hinted, and we will be looking into the future. near where your face will be scanned almost perpetually by all Apple devices which can be convenient or disturbing, depending on the approach by which you analyze the whole thing.

via MacRumors